About Air Science & Engineering


Our Business

We use state-of-the-art science & engineering to help our clients find optimum solutions to air contaminant and environmental control problems.

Our Specialties

Computation fluid dynamic modeling, whole building modeling, air systems engineering and related services, having to do with air contaminants and environmental control.

Our Clients

Facility engineers, process engineers, plant engineers, consulting engineers, mechanical contractors, architects, builders, attorneys, building owners, industrial hygienists, and environmental, health and safety professionals.

Our Mission

To be a valued resource to our clients.

Our Qualifications

Professional Engineer, Certified Industrial Hygienist, M.S. Chemical Engineering, B.S. Meteorology.

Our Experience

Twenty-five years solving real-world air contaminant and environmental control problems in the US and Europe.

Our Location

NE Connecticut, less than one hour from Boston, Providence and Hartford and less than 30 minutes to a major airport.