Contaminant Control

Solvent Mixing Areas - Developed modifications to existing ventilation systems in solvent mixing areas at two facilities to prevent hazardous contaminant levels during potential spill situations and minimize worker exposures during normal operations. A similar design approach was utilized to develop specifications for a new facility.

High Tech Manufacturing - Provided third-party objective review of ventilation plans for new, large scale production operation using acids, cleaners and solvents; objectives were to safely control contaminants while maintaining clean areas to ensure product quality. Developed several improvements for the final design.

Highly Toxic Agent - Developed comprehensive program and assisted in designing the facility to ensure containment, worker safety and product quality during use of a highly toxic chemical in a materials testing lab.

Silica Control - Designed effective ventilation engineering controls at four different plants. Exposure reduction up to 90%.

TIG Welding Booth - CFD modeling used to identify the source of beryllium exposure during welding and to demonstrate the modifications necessary to significantly reduce exposure.