Healthcare / Hospitals

Odor Migration - Assisted hospital engineering and safety personnel in investigating the cause of maintenance related odors migrating into patient care areas; conducted ventilation tests which confirmed the conditions that led to the problem; corrective actions were implemented.

Radiation Decontamination - Updated a hospital's procedures and training for responding to patients possibly contaminated with radioactive materials; ensured procedures based on current best practices.

Mortuary Ventilation - Developed hood and exhaust system design modifications to reduce exposure level to embalming chemicals. After installation, significant improvements were reported.

Patient Decontamination Facility - A design for a dedicated facility to decontaminate ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients was completed. Specialized ventilation was developed and modeled to minimize patient and staff exposure to chemical, biological and radioactive agents.

Emergency Department Shower Decontamination - A CFD model was developed to demonstrate expected contaminant levels in the ED vestibule during simulated patient decontamination procedures.