Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Roofing Project - Assisted contractors in developing work practices and engineering controls that prevented indoor air quality problems inside an occupied office building during a re-roofing project. Conducted preliminary testing to determine key air contaminants generated by the process materials. Conducted on-site testing during the project to ensure building air quality was maintained.

Printing Facility - Conducted a detailed review of ventilation systems and process operations and in a large production facility that was experiencing IAQ problems; collected baseline ventilation and air quality testing data. Developed a general ventilation plan for the facility and specific recommendations which restored good air quality to the facility.

Cooling Tower Emissions - Client was concerned that proposed water treatment chemicals could impact the air intakes to a sensitive environment in a research facility. Chemical manufacturer could only provide anecdotal information. Engineering calculations determined contaminants most likely to be a concern. A testing plan was developed and conducted which showed contaminant concentrations would be well controlled even under worst case conditions for the sensitive area.

Indoor Air Quality