Process Ventilation

Product Heating - Developed ventilation modifications to a product heating area which improved temperature uniformity and eliminated cold spots; used a CFD model of the room to evaluate several different options, then select and optimize the best configuration.

Fire Pump Room - Developed a CFD model to demonstrate that the proposed ventilation systems for a new building housing a diesel-powered fire pump would maintain temperature conditions below NFPA requirements, even during hot weather design conditions.

Cryogenic Operation - Designed new ventilation systems to control the release of cryogenic gases for a new product testing facility; used a CFD model of the area to optimize the ventilation systems and to demonstrate performance; also designed exhaust stack to safely disperse the contaminants, and make-up systems to replace air being exhausted.

Billboard Manufacture - Developed ventilation modifications which improved the control of solvent vapors and odors during the assembly of large printed billboard advertising materials. Tested several options using a CFD model of the process to select the configuration that achieved the necessary control while minimizing the cost to install.

Product Drying - Developed a CFD model of a large process area used to dry molds in the metal casting industry; used the model to assist the design-build mechanical contractor in determining that the proposed ventilation modifications would achieve the air circulation patterns necessary to meet the client's requirements.

Cleanroom - Conducted baseline particle testing, determined the cleanroom classification and measured the ventilation parameters for a clean processing area in an industrial manufacturing facility.

Vacuum Pump Room - Developed a CFD model to estimate inlet temperatures at the pumps during worst case summer conditions; used the model to determine ventilation modifications that would maintain inlet temperatures below the equipment requirements; prepared sketches showing the necessary modifications.

Titanium Grinding - Developed designs for an exhaust hood and the exhaust system for a grinding operation for large titanium pieces. Prepared necessary testing data and information to satisfy NFPA requirements.

Large Acid Tanks - Designed push-pull systems for several 6' x 24' tanks. Successful use for over 10 years.

Metal Cutting Operations - New exhaust hoods and connecting ductwork were designed and a new fume collector was specified to revamp large scale torch and plasma cutting operations. Excellent fume capture and system performance have been reported.