Answer These Questions

Process Engineering
"How can we improve temperature, flow and humidity uniformity in the drying room in order to reduce cycle time?"

"What option will allow us to reduce the amount of exhaust without impacting safety?"


Computerized Airflow Modeling

  • Challenging problems where it is difficult to determine the best corrective action.
  • Interactions of multiple systems may be involved.
  • Impartial evaluation of different proposed designs.
  • Optimization of systems for cost efficiency.
  • Not feasible to collect data on a potential condition, e.g. contingency planning for spills or releases.
  • Demonstrate conditions so that decision makers can better understand the problem and the proposed solution.
  • Operators or supervisors need to realize the impact of their actions on the situation.

Pathlines of air entering dip tank processing area revealing turbulence and increased contaminant levels.