Simulation reveals air flow patterns
in process area. Click to enlarge.

  • Contaminant Capture
  • Whole Building Flows
  • Ventilation Systems
  • Spill/Release/Hazmat
  • Security Planning
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Industrial Processes
  • Hospitals/ Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical R&D/ Mfg
  • Commercial/ Residential
  • Industrial HVAC
  • Data Centers


Process or Room Area Ventilation

What do we mean by Process or Room Area Ventilation?

These are exhaust, supply and recirculation systems that work in a planned and coordinated manner to create the air flow, temperature and concentration patterns required for the particular process or room. In contrast to Whole Building Ventilation, the focus is directed to optimizing the systems in a particular area.

Air Science & Engineering has extensive experience designing and optimizing ventilation systems for particular processes, rooms or areas; successfully meeting clients' objectives. Many have been in service for years. Projects include:

Industrial ventilation

  • process ventilation
  • general ventilation
  • duct systems
  • pollution control equipment

Workplace exposure control systems for:

  • solvents vapors; gases
  • fumes - welding; thermal cutting
  • containment
  • dust, particulates
  • laboratory and pilot plant operations
  • thermal comfort

Ventilation Optimization also for cleanrooms, data centers, offices, living areas, health care, and IT equipment

What types of problems can be resolved?

  • product quality issues
  • smoke escaping from a process
  • high worker exposure levels
  • employee complaints
  • hot spots in data centers
  • poor air circulation inside device
  • process conditions out of spec
  • fumes from process tanks
  • nanoparticle control
  • unsafe contaminant levels from potential spills
  • cold or hot office or living areas
  • overheating computer equipment