• Contaminant Capture
  • Whole Building Flows
  • Ventilation Systems
  • Spill/Release/Hazmat
  • Security Planning
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Industrial Processes
  • Hospitals/ Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical R&D/ Mfg
  • Commercial/ Residential
  • Industrial HVAC
  • Data Centers


Whole Building Ventilation Optimization

What is Whole Building Ventilation Optimization?

Every building has multiple exhaust, air supply and HVAC systems. Often, these systems were designed for a particular area and operate without consideration for the overall air patterns that are best for the building's various process operations.

For example, these systems may create excessive negative air pressure in the building, causing detrimental infiltration of outdoor heat, humidity and contaminants, first into areas along the building perimeter, then through aisles and passages into interior rooms. Maintaining desired process, product cleanliness, and indoor environmental conditions can be a major challenge.

Air Science & Engineering evaluates the building as a whole using testing data, input from the project team, engineering analysis and modeling, to produce a plan to optimize the air flow patterns inside the building. Working closely with the client, we prioritize follow-up actions and develop engineering solutions to achieve the desired project outcomes.

What types of problems can be resolved?

  • Cross contamination
  • Infiltration from the outdoors
  • Exhaust re-entrainment, re-entry
  • Poor temp control in perimeter rooms
  • Negative pressure
  • Smoke migration
  • Dust from outside getting into product
  • Migrating fumes from adjacent rooms